Systasis Computer Systems, Inc.

The Infusionsoft Medics – We get it working right!

Are you frustrated with attempting to connect a wide variety of software to get everything done? We are specialists in Infusionsoft - the best all-in-one marketing to sales package for small business. Whether new to lifecycle marketing or an advanced online marketer - we can help.

Who is Systasis?

Systasis began in 1990 offering software development and refinement services to a wide variety of business levels.  With the ever-growing presence, power and influence of the internet and web-based services, Systasis has focused more and more on providing small businesses with the database, management and design functionality of large and multinational corporations.  That journey has led us to Infusionsoft - the customer management and marketing package we feel offers the best value and functionality on the market.

Depth of Talent:

Our principal consultants include both an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant, and an Infusionsoft Certified Developer (not many of those floating around!).   Our team helps clients with all aspects building a web-based presence (web-site development, social media, attracting customers) to connecting diverse software needs into one manageable system.

Our Specialities:

  • Have 3rd party software that you need to communicate with Infusionsoft?  We can help!
  • Need a custom website that will work with Infusionsoft and your other applications? Our WordPress website team is fast and specializes in creating or matching your brand./li>
  • We also build systems based on HP's OpenVMS operating system
  • We design systems using a variety of software tools: PHP, Perl, MySQL.
  • We use Google Web Toolkit for larger JavaScript solutions.

From the blog

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--> I recently had a request from an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant to implement a link between Infusionsoft and vBulletin. vBulletin will supply digital content based on purchases made via Infusionsoft. The context of the content distribution will be the vBulletin forum structure. That's the extent of the business requirements. Given these business requirements, let's explore ... [Read more]